Dia and Jewels met through radio broadcasting. Jewels was a Program Director and Radio Host on a local station who wanted to start a travel show. And Dia (a radio spitfire) wanted to start a show specifically about traveling in Montana. The brain-child was Montana Road Trippin’ and it started on August 4, 2008. Not only was the show popular with the locals, it was heard statewide with Dia and Jewels in April, 2009 at Northern Broadcasting Network.Today, Dia and Jewels are continuing their journey with Montana Road Trippin’ and are currently traveling and producing that requested book!



Discover the Treasure State Under the Big Sky!   Montana Road Trippin’ is a fun weekly 25-30 minute travel show helping you to learn about unique places to visit and the best road trips you can take all across Montana.

Let’s Go Road Trippin’!

Dia & Jewels


The Show started on August 4, 2008 on News/Talk Radio AM 1450 KMMS while Jewels was Program Director. It was heard Tuesday mornings from 8:30 – 9:00 AM. Here are some of the interesting places visited all across Montana with Dia.

Tuesday 6/30/09 8:30 AM Visit the Copper King Express out of Anaconda! Visit: http://www.copperkingexpress.com/index.html

Tuesday 6/9/09 8:30 AM Visit Yaak, Montana in the most north-western region of the state. Gloria, the owner of the Dirty Shame Saloon discussed the beautiful drive along Route #2 – the Yaak River Road, and the fun history of the saloon. Visit: http://www.dirtyshamesaloon.com/

Tuesday 6/1/09 8:30 AM Visit Red Rocks near Henry’s Lake, Swan Lake, and Red Rock lake in south-west Montana and a nice retreat at Elk Lake Resort. Visit: http://www.elklakeresortmontana.com/Eats.htm 9:15 AM Dia visited the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Western Virginia Visit: http://www.trans-alleghenylunaticasylum.com/index.html

Tuesday 5/12/09 8:30 AM White Sulpher Springs – “The Castle”; Checkerboard, MT (One of the largest sheep herding ranches in MT’s history); the Bair Ranch (the largest sheep herding ranch in MT’s history) http://www.bairfamilymuseum.org/ ; Lennup, MT – Visit: http://montanafilm.com/churches.htm where the 2nd oldest church in Montana stands – and the 1st Lutheran service was held; Castle Town Ghost Town – A mining town off of Highway 294. Visit: http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/mt/castlecity.html 9:15 AM Gary Robson discussed the Mining Explosing in Bear Creek, Montana. Gary is author of “Who Pooped in the Park” a children’s book series. Gary also wrote “The Darkest Hour” about the mining explosion. Visit: http://www.redlodgebooks.com/authors/garydrobson.html

Tuesday 4/28/09 Lost Trail Hot Springs Resort in Sula, MT off of Hwy 93 South. Stan talked about things to do in the area including – soaking in the fresh hot springs, hiking, skiing, or boating by the lakes. Stay in one of their cabins or the lodge. http://www.losttrailhotsprings.com Lost Trail Powder Mountain – Family owned ski hill in Sula, Montana – great place to go for skiing near the hot springs! Visit: http://www.losttrail.com/ Walkerville, Montana – The mother city of Butte, Montana – spoke with Bernard Harrington, the Mayor – who has lived in Walkerville for 65 years.

Tuesday 4/21/09 Dia & Jewels got out their maps for this fun experience and went all over the State of Montana for the Ghost Town hunt. Visit: http://visitmt.com/experiences/history/ghost_towns/ or go to: http://ghosttown.montana.com/ or: http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/mt/mt.html

Tuesday 4/14/09 http://www.conradmt.com/ Tuesday 3/31/09 All about Montana’s dinner train! The Charlie Russell Chew Chew. http://www.montanacharlierussellchewchoo.com/

Tuesday 3/24/09 Nestled on top of a hill on the back-roads of Montana and near many lakes, Philipsburg is a delight to visit. http://philipsburgmt.com/

Tuesday 3/17/09 The C.M. Russell Museum’s Art Auction happens once a year in Great Falls, Montana. Put it on your list of “To Do’s” if you love art! http://www.cmrauction.com/Website/Default.aspx

Tuesday 3/10/09 The O’Haire Motor Inn, a family owned and operated place of interest with it’s famous “Sip ‘n Dip”. Lounge in the dining area and watch mermaids and swimmers in the pool. Only in Great Falls, Montana! Visit: http://www.ohairemotorinn.com/