Episode 009 – A River Detour with the Lewis and Clark Expedition through Great Falls, Montana

by MT Rd Trippin' on August 8, 2014


Our 2nd Episode takes us to Great Falls, Montana!  Great Falls, also known as the “Electric City” is host to much culture and history.  In this episode, we take you to two places along the Missouri River.

As U.S. history made its mark in Great Falls, the Lewis and Clark expedition took a river detour scaling land with boats to miss the falls.  Their travels are well documented and displayed at The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center.

In this episode, Vic LoGrasso briefly discusses Lewis and Clark’s travels.  John LaRock joins Dia and Jewels to share about The Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center, and finally Park Manager, Jason Pignanelli reveals the beauty of Giant Springs State Park.

mtroadtrippin  mt road trippin

Giant Springs – Great Falls, MT



Below is a map in Great Falls with pins showingthe Lewis and Clark Historic Trail Interpretive Center and Giant Springs State Park.



Let’s Go Road Trippin’!

Dia & Jewels


Photography Copyright 2014 by Julie Langaker


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