Episode 040 All About Boulder!

by MT Rd Trippin' on March 28, 2015


Interestingly enough, Boulder, Montana is not just a place for locals.  It’s been a draw for people across Montana and around the world.  There are 3 main reasons why Boulder has been a destination that has drawn tourists, Montanans, and people from across the oceans; the radon mines, the hot springs, and the state schools for the deaf, blind and developmentally impaired.

You might say that Boulder was made for an ulterior reason:  to bring rest, health and life to the weak, weary, and diseased.  Originally, it was a trade center for mining, agriculture, and more.

In this Episode, you’ll learn some history, you’ll learn about one of our favorite ghost towns, and you’ll learn why this area makes such a great road trip!

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There are several great annual events in Boulder!  Visit the Boulder Chamber of Commerce for details!


Drive 6.5 miles south of Boulder on Highway 69 and take a left onto White Bridge Road (it may be unmarked) about .3 miles.  Turn right heading southeast onto Lower Valley Road (2 miles) and then turn left (north) onto Elkhorn Road.  Stay on Elkhorn Road heading north for about 8 miles.  This is a dirt road and is approximately 18 miles from Boulder to Elkhorn.



Let’s Go Road Trippin’!

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