Episode 031 Trail Creek Road

by MT Rd Trippin' on January 8, 2015


Trail Creek Road is a beautiful drive southeast of Bozeman, Montana!  Join us in the first show of our second season as we take you through gorgeous scenery, alpine meadows, majestic mountains, and peaceful valleys.  Our trip crosses an old stagecoach trail as we enter Paradise Valley, not far from the northern entrance of Yellowstone Park!

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From Bozeman:  Drive 3-8 miles East of Bozeman and take the Trail Creek Exit.  Take a right onto Trail Creek Road and head south.  Stay on Trail Creek Road as it winds around hills and into a large valley.  Stay on Trail Creek until you reach The Old Yellowstone Trail heading south.  The Yellowstone Trail will eventually meet with Highway 89.  Once on Highway 89, we continued south until we reached the juncture with East River Road.  Following East River Road, we stopped at Chico Hot Springs.  We then headed north on East River Road until we came near Emigrant where we stopped to see the old chapel at Meditation Point.


Spare Tire, Jacket, Sunglasses, Water, Camera, Detailed Map (see our map section), walking shoes, swim suit (in case you want to soak at the hot springs)!

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Let’s Go Road Trippin’!

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