Episode 027 The People’s House! Montana’s Beautiful Capitol in Helena – Part 1

by MT Rd Trippin' on December 11, 2014


We took a road trip to Helena, Montana to visit Montana’s Beautiful Capitol, also known as The People’s House!  Deb Mitchell of The Montana Historical Society guided us through the Capitol starting from the lower level.  Each floor boasted something unique to our Capitol including: marble floors, statues of historic well-known figures, stained glass windows, historic western paintings, and majestic Grecian architecture with high pillars.

The People’s House is currently decorated with beautiful trees lining the Rotunda and hallways.  It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit!

After viewing the Rotunda, we trotted up the marble stairwell to the Barrel Vault.  The old Supreme Court Chambers was the next stop as Deb shared the history of the artist and paintings that hung on the walls.  The House of Representatives was next.  In the House you can hear us laughing without explanation as the volume changes (I accidently placed my iPhone in front of Deb instead of my recorder).  Deb then leads us through the House Lobby.  Afterwards, we pass the old phone booths and head up to the fourth floor where we pass through the upper gallery to reach a place with a fantastic view of the Rotunda and the Barrel Vault.

After our tour, we wandered into Rhonda Fenner’s office.  She’s the Administrative Officer for the Office of Indian Affairs – Office of the Governor.  Rhonda led us to the Governor’s Office where she introduced us to Lt. Governor, Angela McLean.  That interview is in our next week’s podcast!

TOUR THE CAPITOL:  Montana Historical Society – Deb Mitchell (406) 444-4789

MONTANA STATE CAPITOL:  1301 East 6th Ave – Helena, MT



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