Episode 013 Four Great Reasons to Visit Bearcreek, Montana!

by MT Rd Trippin' on September 3, 2014


Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moe are four of the great reasons to visit Bearcreek, Montana!  Of course, there’s more in this tiny town, and certainly more when you walk through the doors of the Bear Creek Steakhouse and Saloon!  Bearcreek was named after it’s very own stream:  Bear Creek.

In this episode, we visit with Pits DeArmond of the Bear Creek Steakhouse and Saloon.  If you’ve never seen a pig race, you’ll have missed out on one of the most unusual experiences in Montana!

Here are 4 great reasons to visit Bearcreek:

1.  Bearcreek has interesting history.  It was the location of the largest mining disaster in Montana in 1943.  Almost as many people were killed in the mining accident (74) as the number of people who now live in Bearcreek today (79).  You can see the old mining buildings from the highway.

2.  Visit the Bear Creek Steakhouse and Saloon!  Watch and/or bet on pigs racing in the back of the saloon – all proceeds go to local scholarships!

3.  If you’re going to stay and watch the pig races, you might as well enjoy a great steak!

4.  Visit with Montana locals!

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The road trip to Bearcreek is beautiful, just seven miles east of Red Lodge, Montana just after Washoe on Highway 308 between Red Lodge and Belfry.  Enjoy a fabulous steak, watch pigs race, and spend the night in one of Montana’s stunning areas, Red Lodge.

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