Episode 049 Montana & the Fourth of July!

by MT Rd Trippin' on July 2, 2016

There are so many places in Montana to view fireworks on the Fourth of July!  Join us as we discover these eclectic towns across our beautiful state!

It’s Montana Road Trippin’ with Dia & Jewels!


Let’s Go Road Trippin’!

Episode 048 A Montana Pow Wow!

by MT Rd Trippin' on April 26, 2016

Dia & Jewels head to Montana State University to see an event of a lifetime. It’s the MSU Pow Wow started in 1974 by Rob Buckles! The Native American dancers and drummers bring color, beauty, sound and life to this amazing event!

montanaroadtrippin'  Montana Road Trippin'  Montana Road Trippin'

Montana Road Trippin'   Montana Road Trippin'

Montana Road Trippin'  Montana Road Trippin'

Let’s Go Road Trippin’!

Dia & Jewels

Episode 047 Montana – Crimes of Fashion!

November 29, 2015

We’re back, after a four month hiatus!  In Montana – Crimes of Fashion, Dia & Jewels hop back in the saddle to talk about the harrowing break from the show and what’s incoming for our 2016 season.  Join us as we restart our love of road trippin’ in Montana!             […]

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Episode 046 Yellowstone National Park!

September 10, 2015

Yellowstone National Park is one of Montana’s main tourist attractions, even though Wyoming claims most of the park.  Montana has 3 entrances and Wyoming has 2.  So, really, you can see why most Montanan’s consider Yellowstone National Park as part of their own recreational back yard. There’s a lot to see and do.  So, sit […]

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Episode 045 Miles City, Montana & Home of the Range Riders Museum!

July 20, 2015

Miles City, Montana is a place that keeps the dream alive of the romantic wild west!  It’s home of the Range Riders Museum, the annual Bucking Horse Sale, The Miles City Roundup and Calamity Jane (aka: Mrs. M. Burke)! Bunny Miller, the Curator of the Range Riders Museum joins us in conversation about this fascinating […]

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Episode 044 Missoula to Hamilton!

June 21, 2015

Missoula is a special place.  It’s home of the Griz, University of Montana’s rival team to the Bobcats of Montana State University in Bozeman!  But, we digress… In this episode, we focus on a fantastic trip you can take by road or bike trail from Missoula to Hamilton!  There’s a lot to see and do […]

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